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CHRISTIAN AUDIGIER Ed Hardy Flame Throwers Mens T-Shirt Size XL

CHRISTIAN AUDIGIER Ed Hardy Flame Throwers Mens T-Shirt Size XL

Christian Audigier is a worldwide fashion icon who continues to build onto his fashion empire.  His unique designs are often spotted on celebrities everywhere.  This long sleeve tee features a garage inspired graphics on the front and back accented with rhinestones. 100% Cotton. Machine wash, line dry. Size S: Chest 21", Length 29". Size M: Chest 22", Length 29", Sleeve Length 28.5". Size L: Chest 24", Length 30". Size XL: Chest 25", Length 31". Size 2XL: Chest 52", Length 33". All measurements taken laying flat. Style # B0CCJFYB. ...Read more


IMAGE OF CHRISTIAN AUDIGIER Ed Hardy Flame Throwers Mens T-Shirt Size XL

CHRISTIAN AUDIGIER Ed Hardy Flame Throwers Mens T-Shirt Size XL

CHRISTIAN AUDIGIER Ed Hardy Flame Throwers Mens T-Shirt Size XL

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Christian Audigier

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CHRISTIAN AUDIGIER Ed Hardy Flame Throwers Mens T-Shirt Size XL

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Christian Audigier

CHRISTIAN AUDIGIER Ed Hardy Flame Throwers Mens T-Shirt Size XL

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CHRISTIAN AUDIGIER Ed Hardy Flame Throwers Mens T-Shirt Size XL

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   Halloween night is mostly identified with fun and frolic today. This is a night when both adults and children alike have a lot of fun by allowing themselves to trick or treat or go to parties dressed in fancy costumes as goblins, witches, vampires and the like. There are many fun, and some not so fun, superstitions and traditions that are associated with Halloween night. Some of the most common of these are described below:

1.Know your husband – It was believed that if a young woman (of marriageable age) would sleep with a twig of rosemary under her pillow on the Halloween night, she would see her husband in her dreams.

2.Cats were believed to be the devil – In the ancient times during the Inquisition, in Europe and US, people believed that cats, particularly black cats were the devil and hence they hunted and burned them on the Halloween and Easter. Fortunately, the civilized man saw reason and this terribly barbaric practice has been stopped.

3.Nuts – Funny as it might seem, people in the past believed that the Satan would not harm people who wore nuts since he loved and collected nuts. Hence, on the Halloween night people would wear nuts as talismans against harm from malevolent spirits, which were believed to be driven by Satan.

4.Tell it by the candle – The candle has almost always associated with a prayer to God. Hence, it was believed that you could tell when a soul was in your vicinity with the help of a candle. If the candle went off without any real reason, it meant that a soul was visiting you. This superstition is great fun for scaring children during the Halloween night today, especially when paired with scary stories.

5.Witches – What is Halloween night without the mention of witches? There was a strong belief in the ancient times that if you walked backwards on Halloween night while wearing your clothes inside out you would be able to see a witch flying that night. Witches were believed to be happy on the Halloween night because they could speak and mix with evil souls.

6.Bells – According to legend, when the Church bells ring, evil spirits disperse. Hence, many people had church bells ringing during the Halloween night to have the place protected from malevolent spirits walking the earth.

7.Predicting death – During the ancient Celtic times, there was a custom which had all the members of the village build a large bonfire together on Halloween night, which was at that time called Samhain. They would have fun and frolic around the fire until it totally died away. After the fires went out they would make a large circle with the ashes and each person would place a stone there before they went to sleep. The next day morning they would insect the stones – if they were moved or cracked, it would mean that the person whose stone it was would die during that year.   These are just a few of the many superstitions and beliefs associated with Halloween night. The more you know about the different beliefs about Halloween night, the more interesting this special evening becomes


   This month has some good holidays, from Chicken Boy's Day until Shemini Atzeret Day. Here are some holidays you can celebrate each day with ideas to help you celebrate each of them.

September 1: Chicken Boy's Day - Buy a chicken suit and wear it all day to commemorate Chicken Boy.

September 2: V-J Day - V-J...Is that like PJ day? Oh, no - I guess it stands for Victory in Japan.

September 3: National Lazy Moms Day (2010) - Are you a lazy mom? Then this day is for you!

September 4: Give the dog a break and carry in your own newspaper for once.

September 5: Be Late for Something Day - This gives you a sound excuse to be late for something.

September 6: Labor Day - Go to work and labor...oh, wait - most people have the day off from work. Never mind.

September 7: Google Day - Google yourself.

September 8: International Literacy Day - This is good news if you don't know how to read; today you will learn how.

September 9: Wonderful Weirdoes Day - For all those wonderful weirdoes out there.

September 10: Swap Ideas Day - Got an idea? Swap with someone!

September 11: Remembrance Day - Be extra careful not to forget anything.

September 12: Video Games Day - Oh, great, now the guys have an excuse to play video games all day...

September 13: International Chocolate Day - Gee, seems like there is a day dedicated to chocolate at least once a month! Must be popular.

September 14: Wild Card - Create your own holiday today.

September 15: Felt Hat Day - Buy felt in your favorite color and make yourself a funky hat to wear.

September 16: Step-Family Day - If you don't have a step-family, create one for the day.

September 17: Citizenship Day - Be a good citizen. Maybe you'll win an award.

September 18: National Respect Day - Hopefully, some of us will learn what the word means.

September 19: Talk Like a Pirate Day - Oy, matey! Yes, I'm talking to you.

September 20: National Women Road Warrior Day (2010) - If you are a woman, sign up to become a warrior.

September 21: International Day of Peace - I hope you can have a peaceful day.

September 22: Dear Diary Day - Start each sentence you say with, "Dear Diary."

September 23: Earth Overshoot Day - This means we have used up all our resources for the year; guess you'll have to do without until January 1st.

September 24: Punctuation Day - Make sure to punctuate every sentence you speak.

September 25: National One-Hit Wonder Day - To take the words right out of Holidaypedia's mouth, "Give a little boogie love to all those artists who hit it big once and then faded into oblivion."

September 26: Johnny Appleseed Day - Plant an apple tree in honor of Johnny Appleseed.

September 27: Ancestor Appreciation Day - Make a family tree and list all your ancestors up until 20 generations ago. You thought it was gonna be easy, didn't you?

September 28: World Maritime Day - Research and write a paper on the importance of shipping safety, maritime security and the marine environment for World Maritime Day.

September 29: National Attend Your Grandchild's Birth Day - Since we all have grandchildren being born today.

September 30: Shemini Atzeret Day - Tell me what Shemini Atzeret Day is. In just one word.

Like A Boss

Like A Boss

Henry Cavill's Superman: First (Unofficial) Close Look

It's a Bird...It's a Plane...It's our first unofficial close look of Henry Cavill's Superman in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel!

We have earlier sworn off the heartless spoiler antics of covering the leaked video clips and images from much-anticipated films such as Marvel Studios's The Avengers and DC and Warner Bros.'s Man of Steel and The Dark Knight Rises, out of respect for the director and production crews of the respective film, following our coverage on Tom Hardy's Bane and the big City Hall fight. As much as we continue to refrained from such spoilery coverages, we can't help but to post these extremely spoilery images for a reason.

With the earlier leaked photos of Henry Cavill in full Superman outfit making the rounds online, many fans were horrified/outraged at the purported omission of Superman's infamous red underwear.

Today, a new batches of leaked set photos giving us a clearer shot of the outfit confirmed the bold change of costume (much like the bold "DC Comics - The New 52" initiative for the comic books). The material of new outfit seemed to closer to some kind of a scale (in a way, quite similar to Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man), and there are some kind of a semi-wrist band, silver surrounding his leg leading to the weird belt buckle-looking ornament atop Superman's seemingly accentuated Kryptonite "jewels".

We have earlier seen the first official image of Henry Cavill's Superman. Now hit the jump to feast upon the action-packed, ultra-ripped brand new, red underwear-less Man of Steel.

Source: Slashfilm

Real Horsemaning

Real Horsemaning
Real Horsemaning With Real Head of Horse

Low Price Textured Black Liquid Style Leggings Side Buttons for $22.99

Textured Black Liquid Style Leggings Side Buttons

Textured Black Liquid Style Leggings Side Buttons

Textured Black Liquid Style Leggings Side Buttons

Textured Black Liquid Style Leggings Side Buttons

Customers Score :

Product Brand : Luxury Divas

Dance the night away in this shimmery leggings. Wear with today's tunics and oversized sweaters and shirts for a comfy fabulous look. One size fits most, these are very stretchable.

One size fits most, these are very stretchable.

Checkered pattern all throughout fabric.

Elastic waistband.

Leggings are finished off with 3 white and black buttons at ankles.

Leg is 7 inches wide, un-stretched. Waist to open end is 35 inches, un-stretched. Plenty of stretch for added comfort.
...Read more Details

List Price : $30.00

You Save : $7.01(23%)

Now Price : $22.99

Textured Black Liquid Style Leggings Side Buttons Features

  • One size fits most, these are very stretchable.
  • Checkered pattern all throughout fabric.
  • Elastic waistband.
  • Leggings are finished off with 3 white and black buttons at ankles.
  • Imported

Available at Amazon

Textured Black Liquid Style Leggings Side Buttons

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Fender Assassin Plaid Overdye Rocker Shirt Fender Custom Shop Size: XL

Fender Assassin Plaid Overdye Rocker Shirt Fender Custom Shop Size: XL

This Fender Long Sleeve Button Front shirt is called Assassin. It is a long sleeve Cotton Plaid shirt with a zipper pocket detailing. The Shirt is Black and White Plaid with a blue overdye effect at the top. Great for all musicians and as a clubbing shirt for anyone.

New Fully Licensed Mens Fender Guitars Custom Shop Tour Wear Shirt. Fabulous rock band stage wear shirt for Musicians or a just a great shirt Music Lovers. Great Rocker shirt for those special nights on the town. From the Fender Custom Shop.

Sizing on This Mens Long Sleeve Button Front Cotton Fender Guitar Shirt:

Medium: 43 inch chest.

Large: 45 inch chest.

XL: 47 inch chest.

XXL: 50 inch chest.

3XL: 52 Inch Chest.


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Tattoo For Girls - Placement Ideas

Now you have choose your body part for tattooing. So it is time to pick an amazing tattoo design. As we said earlier you must remember right kind of tattoo on right kind of body part will work for you. Let's see here we are telling you some great tattoo ideas for girls.

Shooting Star Tattoos
Now a days we are seeing that shooting star is one of the most popular tattoos which are specially popular amongst girls. We think girls and women specially those who have that inner desire to be famous like this design as their tattoo a lot.

Lower Back Fairy Tattoos
Cute fairy tattoo designs are a great choice for tattoos for girls. They are versatile and can be fit into your lower back. So you must think about this design it really will really work for you.

Foot Star Tattoos for Girls
we are seeing that girls are loving to place wonderful stars on their foot and these number of people is increasing day by day.

Lower Back Rose Tattoos
For many years we have seen Rose is becoming one of the best choices as a tattoo design for sexy girls and ladies lower back.

Butterfly Flower Tattoos
As girls you love beautiful things so how can you avoid beautiful butterfly and flower. By combining them you can get a mind blowing tattoo design for you.

Anyway, these are some tattoo recommendation from us. Though there are thousands tattoos for girls available in tattoo world. You can find information about them by following left hand side link. But one thing keep in mind if you have chosen any other design and you are 100% satisfy with it then go with your chosen design. Because your tattoo will be with you rest of whole life. These recommendation will work only if you have not chosen any design.